Emsley Von Dette 

As a singer songwriter I’ve always been intrigued how music can directly affect our mood and emotions. I believe music is the universal language of the soul and it speaks to the heart in ways words can not. Science now confirms we are living in a vibrational reality and our cells are made up of vibrating energy. We are strongly impacted positively or negatively by sound frequencies and vibrational energy. The research on cymatics is the greatest example of how sound directly influences cellular structures. Understanding the science behind sound frequencies has led me to my passion in using music as a medicine. I believe we can combine our knowledge of science and sound to replace harmful pharmaceuticals with harmonious sonic-ceuticals! My vision for the future is to transform scary hospital experiences into sacred sound journeys by merging musicians and physicians together to create a new way of healing and harmonizing humanity.

LifeStream Practitioner & Music Producer

Andrew Colombini

My curiosity of ancient sciences and eastern medicine has guided me to discovering my true passion in life. I have learned there are many different ways to heal the body other than pharmaceuticals and surgery. Being a music producer I asked myself this question "How can I give back through sound"? This lead me to the study of sound as medicine. I became certified in sound healing and hosted sound meditations in Venice, CA. To stand out in Los Angeles I partnered with an array of holistic healers and practitioners. One practitioner in particular worked with the Lifestream Generator. I really connected with the energy and had a profound experience that changed my life forever. I decided I would purchase the technology for myself and become a practitioner. After experiencing the astonishing results my clients would get from the sessions I knew I had found my calling in life. It feels incredible to provide people with an effective, immediate, and fun solution their healing journey.