Lifestream Generator


This breakthrough technology uses radiant electromagnetic energy which can improve the

body's health and vitality as well as release stored tension and stagnancy. It is a

revolutionary device that can help the body to naturally detoxify, rebuild, and

optimize performance on both physical and energetic levels. Experience your body's

natural ability to receive and maintain a higher vibratory frequency, which is an

incredible support to yoga, meditation, and healing work.


The energy of the Lifestream is much like the electrical impulses of the brain which

mirrors the electrical activity of the planet. Our entire nervous system relies on this

energy to transmit signals which determine the state of our mind, emotions, and body.

After years of operating in pattered or habitual ways, our bodies begin to shut down the

pathways that aren't used. Having a Lifestream experience can turn on those dormant

connections, waking up our total being to its fullest potential. Yes, physical exercise,

yoga, meditation, massage all have the ability to turn on these pathways, and the

Lifestream can support this work and increases the results tremendously.