My neck has had chronic tension from work stress for over 5 years. After my first LifeStream session almost all of it had been released. Every session since has improved relaxation and has even improved my singing. Working with Andrew Colombini has supported my mental clarity and mood which resulted in me creating $40,000 in three months and performing my in my biggest concert to date. I am eternally grateful his service and commitment.

Jimmy Rodriguez

 Professional Singer

    I find it connects me with my own power supply, and circulates back to me the infinity that I am.  I definitely feel the electrical quality of my body and consciousness when i use it, and my cells drink it deeply.  I enjoy a sense of balance and homeostasis. I notice the way I feel more present and it brings me to my center. I’d like to use it more consistently to see more long-lasting results, which I am sure would happen, given the opportunity.  I really enjoy that it is a self-referential device, like a feedback loop with my own highest potential.

Amorea Jorael

Life Coach, Founder of The Phoenix Code

My experience with lifeStream has been vital to the growth of myself and my business! What I’ve enjoyed the most is the clarity and energy I feel after. After each session I feel like I can focus longer on work and having sustained energy throughout the entire day.

Jazmine Alvarado

Instagram Model and Influencer